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Gender Girl
Age 22
Marital Status Married
Orientation Heterosexual
Language English
Style Emo Punk
Tags Emo, Smart, Shy, Sensitive, Ambitious
Location Philippines
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About whatsername_022

hi. my name is laurenz. im a loner. and yeah im fro the philippines so racists, fuck off. i love the internet, well here i feel like i belong and people dont judge me like what the bitches and the "cool" people do in school. i have a sad life. but somehow i try to make the best out of it. i play the guitar and i into writing songs and stuff.

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im moving Added Since 2008-06-06
college Added Since 2008-01-18

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whatsername_022 Hey, what's up? :) x
By _IIMOOMII_ Added Since 2008-11-30
whatsername_022 hello there
By -sodlout-- Added Since 2008-11-20
whatsername_022 oi hello..... hehehehe whazup???
By drex Added Since 2008-10-22
whatsername_022 wala...magka2lat lng kami dun...huhuhuhu!!!
By yawako Added Since 2008-09-23
whatsername_022 inurong...sa sept 26 na lng daw...jejeje...dalawa lng ung high skul na sa2li..kami tsaka Regional Science HS...kalaban namin mga college tsaka amatuer bands...asa pa kami na mana2lo kami!!!!huhuhuhu!!!
By yawako Added Since 2008-09-11
whatsername_022 thankz...jejejeje...meron nga ulit kaming sa2lihan na battle eh...sa sept. 19...kalaban namin mga banda sa highskul ng iba't ibang skul d2 sa'min....pro ayaw daw ni drex mag vocal samin...huhuhuhu!!!pilitan moh nga... :)
By yawako Added Since 2008-08-29
whatsername_022 sori nman hehe.... joke lng un....
By drex Added Since 2008-08-28
whatsername_022 himala Buhay Ka Ahh hehehe online k ngaun...... hahaha
By drex Added Since 2008-08-21
whatsername_022 hi laurenz!! haha mxta k nman??
By drex Added Since 2008-08-07
whatsername_022 ngyek!!!ano un?!fling lng pala?!nyahahahay!!!ahhm...may gig pala kami ni drex tomorrow!!!wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!excyted na kami!!!
By yawako Added Since 2008-08-07
whatsername_022 nakalog in din sa wakas!!!grabeh ung nangyari dito samin!!!bagyo na, bumaha pah!!!hay naku!!!ngaun lng ulit ako naka hands on eh...ahhm lyking some1?and whose that lucky guy?!
By yawako Added Since 2008-08-04
whatsername_022 ah...so kamuzta naman ung college lyf?
By yawako Added Since 2008-06-14
whatsername_022 astig noh?!wahihihihi!!!may klase na kami... :(
By yawako Added Since 2008-06-11
whatsername_022 but its boring here XD
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-06-10
whatsername_022 i think i stay in sweden
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-06-08
whatsername_022 nyahahahay!!!ahmm...tingan moh profyl ni drex...meron xa bagong pic...
By yawako Added Since 2008-06-06
whatsername_022 oh?!wow!!!astig ah!!!pinapahanga mo ako talaga...beauty na brain pah...tsaka screamo pah!!!so ano na pa bah?hahahahay!!!!
By yawako Added Since 2008-06-02
whatsername_022 hmm, i can join :D i sux on guitar and my voice sux, but its working ^^
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-06-02
whatsername_022 oh :O well i dont have a life so i dont know, hows i going with the band thing?
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-05-31
whatsername_022 ah...owkie...eh sa mga screamo?mahilig ka bah sa mga kantang may scream?
By yawako Added Since 2008-05-31
whatsername_022 whats up
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-05-29
whatsername_022 ay...d nga halata eh...d talaga...hakhakhak!!!eh sa mga underground bands?mahilig ka din bah?
By yawako Added Since 2008-05-28
whatsername_022 I really don't know why. I just feel blue.
By Grim Hazel Added Since 2008-05-27
whatsername_022 thx ^^
By One Mile Wish Added Since 2008-05-26
whatsername_022 ngyek!!!mahilig ka pala sa chicosci!!!ajijiji!!!cge, huntingin moh c miggy!!!hahahaha!!!
By yawako Added Since 2008-05-26
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