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Gender Girl
Age 26
Marital Status Single
Orientation Heterosexual
Language English
Style Emo Punk
Location United States, Nj, Park ridge
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About xxJizz
about me umm not much to say but my names Jenn and i love people who can make me laugh, i love my friends to death, im obsessed with converse and vans and music is my life<3<3<3


bl4nk bl4nk KAzEXX KAzEXX killhimffs killhimffs
greez_x3 greez_x3 a-z a-z sid sid
spiro spiro UGotGlocked UGotGlocked BenjiBoxcar BenjiBoxcar
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Favourite bands
My chemical romance Senses fail Underoath Brand new
The used Hawthorne heights Saosin The almost
The starting line Set your goals


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xxJizz ok kool , listening to music,
By x_razorblades_x Added Since 2007-07-16
xxJizz hi, wats up?
By x_razorblades_x Added Since 2007-07-15
xxJizz Ermm, well it's like screamo right, but we use quite a lot stylistics from death/metal(core)...lol, i dunno what to call it really, :/ Death-emo maybe? :P xx/gil
By Gil Added Since 2007-07-14
xxJizz Not too much, chilling, writing some songs and trying to come up with some riffs to go with the lyrics, how about you? xx/Gil
By Gil Added Since 2007-07-14
xxJizz Hey you, thanks for the add^^ How are you? xx/gil
By Gil Added Since 2007-07-13

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